Studi Kasus Pada Bank Syariah

  • safrudin Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Swadaya
Keywords: Islamic, intended, hypothesis


ABSTRACT: Based on the results of the respondents as well as the data processing done, the observations show that the UMKM development variable shows the assessment of respondents with a cumulative average rating of 96, thus the respondents' ratings are in the quite agreeing category. This means that the respondent supports the UMKM Development variable. With regard to the variable increase in Sharia Commercial Bank financing over the distribution of MSME financing with an average rating of 94, it is intended that the average respondent's views are in the moderately amenable category. For the statistical test analysis results of the relationship between the two variables the correlation value of 0.754 or 75.4 % thus the value of a strong positive relationship between variables The regression equation test results seen Y = 10,315 + 1,043X thus the pure value of Islamic financing without being influenced by any variable while the regression value of 1.043 indicates there is a contribution of MSME development variables, the results of hypothesis testing tcount 6.076> ttable of 1.684 thus (Ha) is accepted thus there is an influence between the development of MSMEs (X) has a significant relationship to the increase in Sharia Commercial Bank Financing (Y).

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